Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Understanding Perfect Squares and Square Roots - Section 2: Beginning the Perfect Square Activity


The Mathematical Practice Standard it is most important to focus attention on during his lesson is MP8. 

MP8 Regularity in Math: Asking students to create physical models of squares in order to see the structure and pattern of what it means to square a number and then find the square roots as the dimensions of the square is asking students to realize and apply a mathematical relationship through patterns.  Math practice standard seven requires students to use logic through patterns of association

However, there are several other standards that I want to consider promoting as well:

  • MP1: Collaboratively grouping students to become resources for one another in working through the activity to show ownership.
  • MP3: Applying the strategy of mini-wrap ups that are student centered will directly bring Math Practice Standard 3 into the lesson.
  • MP6: Asking students to speak using correct vocabulary to explain their thinking.



  Adjustments to Practice: Focusing on Mathematical Practices
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Understanding Perfect Squares and Square Roots

Unit 2: Exponents and Radicals
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Objective: SWBAT understand what it means to square a number, understand a number is not a perfect square, and how to estimate square roots.

Big Idea: Explore with manipulatives why some numbers are perfect squares and others are not then how this translates into square roots!

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