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I am a fan of having students write problems as they must show a deeper level of understanding to create a problem verses simply solve one.  It also creates buy-in from the students, particularly if the problems are used in the classroom.  This is a great and simple activity that can be incorporated into lessons or assignments to highlight Common Core practices.  Here is some Student Work that represents some of the work that I received in this assignment.  The depth of understanding was evident in the solutions that I received.   This student ended up with a 6 as a solution which made for a good mind trick.  I had other students who ended with things like 5x – 7.  Obviously, this isn’t nearly at tidy a trick.  I think next year I will have the students perform their tricks on their partner.  This will solidify the concept and bring to light to usefulness of their trick.  

  Student Ownership: Student Ownership- Student Written Problems
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Mind Reading with Algebra

Unit 1: Modeling with Expressions and Equations
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to create, compare and simplify expressions created from number tricks.

Big Idea: Amaze your students with the mystical mind reading powers of algebraic expressions.

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