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In my experience, fourth grade students never grow tired of using a smart board, especially a tool, game, or activity in which they get to manipulate objects, numbers, words, etc.  The strategy of using an interactive activity for this lesson truly engaged ALL learners.  The subject matter, horrendous soup, also thrilled and enthralled my students.  While the lesson and applet were fun, it is  important to note that this lesson's learning is directly related to the discussion at the end. I needed to make sure I helped students make connections and point out strategies students were using in order to extend students thinking and help students who may have been struggling with measurement conversions.  Without the mathematical discussion component of this lesson, this lesson becomes merely a fun activity to do.  In order for the math to be meaningful and relevant, it was imperative that I lead the ending discussion. This is what many of my lesson entail - flipping the traditional approach of I, We, and You ( I stand and deliver knowledge, WE practice a bunch of problems together, now YOU do it all by yourself) to You, We, and I ( You as students wrestle with this problem first, then We will work together and collaborate to solve it, and last I will help you make connections to previous lessons, other tasks, inverse operations, etc).

  Technology engages Students with Spring Fever
  Online Resources: Technology engages Students with Spring Fever
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Horrendous Soup - Capacity Conversions

Unit 10: Measurment
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT convert metric measurements.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students interact with a computer or smartboard game to make Horrendous Soup! Students work independently to convert various metric measurements and test their skills in a whole group game.

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