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A review of place value understanding is important in assessing the mastery of Common Core Standards. One way to work on the place value understanding is to find a new way to present the material. By using numbers in Japanese, students were excited about trying to decipher the Japanese. They were excited to figure out the numbers, so they carefully followed the directions to put the numbers together.

It is always important to find a variety of ways to present the same information as children are working to grasp a new concept. Once is never enough so I try to find new ideas that will build on the same concepts in a novel way. 

The Japanese numbers were novel as well as exciting for the students.

  Place Value Review
  Joy: Place Value Review
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Place Value in Japanese

Unit 7: Place Value
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT build numbers to the thousands place using Japanese number words.

Big Idea: Identifying the place value of numbers is an important skill for second grade. Using the Japanese names for numbers allows for a review of place value identification.

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