Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Book Groups: Checking In - Section 5: Sharing our Thoughts


My job during this time is extending group conversations. This is sometimes a difficult task! I’m trying to move their focus beyond just reading the words on their pages – to pay attention to the other members in the group and connect their work to someone else’s. Because this process is rather new for students, few groups are reading to do this on their own. The group I worked with today however is one of those groups. I was really pleased with how well their conversation went today. It is my hope that not only will this continue in the weeks to come, but that these students can serve as models for others to follow. 

  Creating Book Talkers
  Discourse and Questioning: Creating Book Talkers
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Book Groups: Checking In

Unit 15: Book Groups
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Objective: TWBAT coach designated groups through the process of book clubs.

Big Idea: Students are midway through their first book group book and job sheets. My focus today is to check in with two groups: one who is struggling with reading the text and the second who is ready for extension beyond their current work.

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