Reflection: Checks for Understanding Book Groups: Checking In - Section 4: Writing About our Reading


During this time, I conduct individual conferences. As I walk the room, I’ll stop and meet with one student at a time and ask about the work that he is completing. If I get a sense that he understood what he read and is able to complete his work successfully, I will move on to the next student fairly quickly. However, if I can tell that the student did not understand the passage or needs extra help completing her job, then I will spend a longer time with that student providing additional support. 

  Checks for Understanding: Conferring
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Book Groups: Checking In

Unit 15: Book Groups
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Objective: TWBAT coach designated groups through the process of book clubs.

Big Idea: Students are midway through their first book group book and job sheets. My focus today is to check in with two groups: one who is struggling with reading the text and the second who is ready for extension beyond their current work.

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English / Language Arts, book clubs, Titanic, book groups, I survived, literature circles, fiction, chapter books, roles
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