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I will meet with the ELL student to help her say what she means in the last part of the essay.  I asked the students to writing an ending sentence to see how they would conclude their essay.  This particular student wrote, "So even though some stories say the same thing they can have the same meaning."  I don't think this is exactly what she was trying to say.  I will follow up with her.

The second example is from a student who has difficulty reading and writing.  He is able to listen and comprehend very well.  As you can see in the top part of the template, he was doing the writing.  A few minutes later, his Sped teacher came into the room.  She was able to scribe for him.  (Please excuse the confusion with the words there, they're, and their.) He had good ideas.  He talked about how both stories have animals in the Chinese Zodiac. He also talked about the symbolism of the kite in the second story as contrasted with the dragon in the first story. 

For this particular student, it is important to give him the support he needs to get his ideas down on paper.  We have also made accommodations for him so that he can talk into an ipad using dragon software and it will type his answers.  I also let him use my iphone notes section and he can use the microphone capability and have his sentences typed for him and then he copies it on his paper.  another way I support him is to have his partner write for him, or have him work with another student suggesting ideas and the other student writes.  Then they both put their name on the paper. I use multiple ways to help this student be successful during the day.  When we are reading aloud, he is always the first to volunteer to read.  I let him read once he has read it to himself first.  I tell him the words he does not know.  I very much appreciate his enthusiasm for learning and how he never gives up, even though many of the reading and writing tasks are challenging for him.  He has a great appetite for learning and sharing his knowledge.


  ELL Students: Small Group for Ell and LD students
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Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Unit 8: Interactive Read Alouds- Perfect Anytime
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use their completed Venn Diagram to add details into a teacher scaffolded essay form.

Big Idea: Small steps lead to success. Gradual Release of a Complex Task

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English / Language Arts, sequencing, compare and contrast, synthesis
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