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I remember when my son was two years old, we bought him a Little People mouse and keyboard with bigger buttons and keys so he could learn how to manipulate the computer. We've always had a computer with Internet that he could have access to when he wanted.  We didn't really sit with him and teach him to use the computer, he figured it out.  By the time he started school, he was a natural at obtaining information to help him beat his video games.  It was a natural progression.  I don't see this at my school.

The students at my school are socioeconomically disadvantaged.  Some have computers at home but most don't.  Some have computers at home that they're not allowed to use.  Some have computers at home, but no Internet.  There is a whole range of reasons that their technological development didn't happen the way my son's did and what I get in the classroom is a huge continuum of abilities when it comes to computer savvy.  

What I would like to see and we've talked about it in our building a million times, is a curriculum- that we develop- whereby each grade learns a computer skill and is able to come to the next grade with this progression so that by the time they get to me, they are experts like my son is. With the new PARCC assessments coming, we have to do something or my kiddos won't be able to pass not because they don't know the material but because they can't manipulate the technology.  

I'd love to hear from another building that implemented something similar to this!!

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Unit 20: What Do You Want to Know???? Writing an Informational Report
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Objective: SWBAT effectively use the Internet to find answers to research questions in preparation for writing an informational report.

Big Idea: The ability to manipulate technology to find information is an essential skill to being successful in the 21st century.

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