Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Write before Writing: Learning to Take Notes from Research - Section 2: Why Take Notes and How to Take Them


Teachers who have the time might consider having students practice note-taking with an article the whole class uses. Even a one-page article can give practice taking each type of note and comparing them with one another. This is something I should have done, but working in a trimester format means time is always at a premium. Still, in retrospect I should have made the time for practice note taking as many of my students had not ever written any type of research paper. They really needed the extra scaffolding. 

  Handling the Time Crunch
  Adjustments to Practice: Handling the Time Crunch
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Write before Writing: Learning to Take Notes from Research

Unit 11: Making Discoveries: Research-Based Writing
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT compose notes in the form of quotes, paraphrases, summaries, and thoughts based on their research.

Big Idea: "Words without experience are useless." --Vladimir Nabokov

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