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At the end of the lesson, I had two students share how they solved the novel problem. Then I asked students to talk to a partner about what they noticed. Discourse and questioning in math requires a good balance-there are times when I ask more pointed questions, and then there are times when I ask more general questions (like this one) so I can see what students are thinking about on their own. 

In this situation, I ended up hearing some interesting predictions. One of them I wrote on the Class Chart to revisit tomorrow. One boy said, "When you add 10, the ones place doesn't change". This was a very clear prediction statement, but I didn't just take it at face value. I asked students to agree or disagree with it, and then told them we would see if we could prove him right or wrong in tomorrow's lesson. 

The prediction this student made was an excellent example of applying MP8-He was looking for a way to generalize this understanding into a single takeaway. As we know, his conjecture was correct. However, I left it open to my students to try to prove it tomorrow. I wanted them to prove that it would work with any number.

  Discourse and Questioning: Prediction Making
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Base 10 Toy Box

Unit 15: Base 10 Bonanza
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT solve problems where they repeatedly add 10.

Big Idea: Are your students still counting to do 10 more? This lesson helps them explore how the numbers change when they repeatedly add 10 and why they change, helping push them towards mental math!

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