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I like this format of exit ticket for a few reasons:

1. A public goal coming off the board is a great way to hold students accountable to finish their work--students want to erase that goal!

2. Completed goals are a sign of hard work, and hard work is worth celebration. Students do better with rewards based on their effort because it shows them effort matters--and it ALWAYS matters. They may never write a research paper again, but they will always need to TRY at something.

3. It provides a "closing" to the class and an opportunity to talk about future moves (research on another day or as homework, in this case).

  Celebrate Effort (Or Consider Future Options)
  Exit Tickets: Celebrate Effort (Or Consider Future Options)
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[Get That] Research

Unit 8: Research Writing
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT select relevant information for their research projects by considering source credibility and content.

Big Idea: Search, take notes, repeat--finding research takes time.

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