Reflection: Joy Do we all see things the same way? - Section 3: Read Aloud and Launch


The kids loved the launch!! I asked my kiddos to head home and ask their parents what they think about the engine and the clown. When my students came in this morning, the room was buzzing with, "my mom said..." "my dad never thought of that." "I felt super-smart." Ahh!! Success! I struggle because I want to move my reading to a place where the kids are the ones constantly coming up with the learning experiences so they're curious and want to find things out for themselves. I know this can't always happen with mandates that are placed upon us, but we can always set the stage for some serious fun. This group is read to jump into everything I have planned, and I have never seen kids so excited to read. 

  The Little Clown That Could
  Joy: The Little Clown That Could
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Do we all see things the same way?

Unit 7: Accounts and Viewpoints and Bias, Oh My!
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Objective: SWBAT look at visuals and text from multiple viewpoints.

Big Idea: Ever notice the arrow on the Fed Ex Truck? Perhaps you need to see things differently?

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