Reflection: Real World Applications Counting with Yen - Section 2: Finding the Correct Currency


Students have been working on breaking numbers apart to find the value of the digits. By trying to find the correct Japanese currency for a given amount they had to break the number apart. The activity helped me to see which students easily saw the hundreds, tens and ones and then beyond that who could break the tens into 50 plus so many tens, or the ones into 5 plus so many ones. 

Breaking apart (decomposing) and putting numbers together (composing) is a Common Core skill that helps students better understand part-whole relationships (that each number contains other numbers within it). It is a skill that can be reinforced in so many different ways. Using coins was just one way to check for understanding while presenting a real life situation to students. 

  Breaking Apart Numbers
  Real World Applications: Breaking Apart Numbers
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Counting with Yen

Unit 7: Place Value
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT take larger numbers apart and put them back together to find money amounts.

Big Idea: Japanese yen work on a Base 10 system. Students can review taking larger numbers apart while learning more about the Japanese money system.

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