Reflection: High Quality Task Recording the Rekenreks - Section 2: Guided Practice


These Rekenreks are really fun for modeling numbers, basic addition, and fluency.  They are new to me, and I could have used more time to research their use.  This work is so encouraging that I am tempted to make another small investment and use my remaining pony beads to build Rekenreks up to 20.  (The investment is truly minimal, and we have had so much fun practicing with them!)

This reminds me that it’s good to keep an open mind, to keep trying new things, and above all, to be reflective and thoughtful of my teaching.  If I get a moment to study a little bit more about the use of these fantastic tools, I will certainly work on building more Rekenreks.  If I don’t find that time soon, it’s a good summer project!

  Trying New Things
  High Quality Task: Trying New Things
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Recording the Rekenreks

Unit 13: 0-10 Number Review
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT to use rekenreks as a model to show and explain their thinking.

Big Idea: Students will have fun beating the clock to build a number on Rekenrek and will record their Rekenrek creations on sheets with numbers.

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Math, modeling, Numbers, counting
  40 minutes
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