Reflection: High Expectations Wreck It Ralph! Rekenreks - Section 2: Guided Practice


The only thing that’s typical of this lesson for me is the hands-on math practice for every student.  I usually don’t teach lessons “out of order,” but this Rekenrek stuff was too fun to have to put off until next year.

Usually, the lesson closing is almost entirely student-centered and reflective of their experience.  Today, I wanted to bridge what we did today to what we have already learned, but more importantly, to what we are going to learn in the future—possibly even the distant future.  

  Thinking ahead & filling on old gaps
  High Expectations: Thinking ahead & filling on old gaps
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Wreck It Ralph! Rekenreks

Unit 13: 0-10 Number Review
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use Rekenreks (number racks) to quickly show numbers 0-10.

Big Idea: Getting fast and really comfortable with numbers 0-10--even automatic--is important when building foundational skills. We use Rekenreks and the Promethean board for interactive practice.

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Math, modeling, Numbers, counting
  35 minutes
wreck it ralph
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