Reflection: High Expectations Birds and People Have What in Common? - Section 3: Closure


I had high expectations fro this activity because up until now I had modeled the Venn diagram on the board for the students during the focus lesson. Now I have just discussed what is needed and let the students go to the work station to fill in the Venn diagram themselves. 

I was very pleased to see how well the students did without having the SMARTBoard as a resource. They really did well using the books and their friends as a resource. It was interesting listen to the students discuss the physical features of birds and humans and justifying where they chose to put the attribute. My students have really grown over this past year and I feel confident about letting the majority of them move onto to first grade. 

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Birds and People Have What in Common?

Unit 10: Maryland
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast physical features based on information they have read.

Big Idea: Students use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the physical features of two different animals.

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