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This lesson was very effective to support my ELL students as they practiced retelling and sequencing of events.  I intentionally had the students read the captions in pairs so that all students knew what they said as a way to ensure success during the independent portion of the lesson.  Also, the sketching, labeling, and the addition of speech bubbles helped the ELL students with visualization and vocabulary building.  This lesson also emphasized the lesson the story taught.  Student wrote the lesson of the story at the top of their graphic organizer.

  ELL Students: Retelling and Ordering Events for ELL Students
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Sequence of Events

Unit 8: Interactive Read Alouds- Perfect Anytime
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use a graphic organizer to sequence and sketch main events in a story.

Big Idea: Visualizing, Sketching and Ordering Main Events!

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English / Language Arts, sequencing, compare and contrast, synthesis
  55 minutes
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