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At one point in our journey together, Drue, my student teacher this year, told me that we "teach in tandem." After that I began affectionately calling her "mini-me," even though she's a good half foot taller than I am. 

Today's lesson is a perfect example of collaboration working perfectly. Drue came up w/ the idea for the scavenger hunt after I shared a story about a lesson I taught in which I created an Underground Railroad throughout the community, and my students were "escaped slaves" navigating the route. 

Drue did all the leg work for this task. She created the stations, made arrangements w/ the administration, enlisted other staff members to help, etc. For my part, I gave feedback. In its original form, the focus was less text focused, which doesn't really serve an academic purpose. Drue and I discussed her objectives for the assignment, particularly the importance of keeping the activity grounded in the text. 

I'm sure there are stations in which students didn't read the passages from Frankenstein as thoroughly as they needed to, which is an adjustment I'll make in the future, but there are other tasks that absolutely required students to focus on the text. The Paradise Loss station is a prime example of this. 

Additionally, the scavenger hunt really is just an extension of a station activity, but getting out of the classroom gives it a new dimension that really speaks to the students.

  Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Collaboration with Student Interns
  Co-Teaching: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Collaboration with Student Interns
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"The Determined Heart and Resolved Will": Frankenstein Scavenger Hunt

Unit 12: What Makes a Monster?: "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus"
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT follows clues form point to point as they complete a scavenger hunt based on textual clues from "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein."

Big Idea: "In a scientific pursuit there is continual food for discovery and wonder." --Mary Shelley

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English / Language Arts, Literature, British literature, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus, stations, scavenger hunt, Paradise Lost, technology integration
  75 minutes
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