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I have spent hours writing thousands of comments on students papers.  Hours.  And out of all of those comments, I think maybe three or four have been read and used. The rest are just ink on a paper.

So this year? I've given up on writing comment on student papers, especially at the end of the year. Students are very good at analyzing the writing of others and pointing out all the things that can be improved.  Writing workshops harness that ability and allow students to get immediate, authentic feedback.

Student don't have to wait for me to read thirty different paragraphs and then return them.  They get the feedback within minutes. And after reading the love notes, and hearing the students read the love notes to each other?  They say the same things I would have. And it's more meaningful because it's coming from their peers.

That's not to say that I can't do the same.  I can write revision love notes to certain targeted students who I know need a bit of additional support.

  Improving Students' Writing with Feedback
  Student Feedback: Improving Students' Writing with Feedback
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Using Writing Workshops to Revise

Unit 12: Novel Study: The Hunger Games
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Objective: Students will be able to produce clear and coherent argumentative writing with help from peers by participating in a writing workshop, making revision changes, and writing a final draft.

Big Idea: Students receive feedback from their peers to make their writing stronger.

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