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I could not help but be delighted with the students'  responses. I would have never seen a connection between Sponge Bob and Batman! The lesson had succeeded in triggering higher level thinking in my students and confirmed that the academic rigor expected in CCSS is achievable. One thing that I believe helped my students meet the lesson's objective is that they had to write just one sentence for each story, and that I made it clear that as long as they made sure that they had capitals and periods they didn't have to worry about spelling. I really wanted just to see the connections they made. English learners and struggling writers can show their understanding when given permission to make "mistakes" in their writing. 

In this student sample you can see how it is possible to see his depth of thinking in his illustrations and sentences, though there are challenges in spelling and grammar. He also paired up Peter Pan and Toy Story in one of his quadrants. This happened to some students: they thought of two stories with the same theme, instead of finding two more with the perseverance theme. It was still evident that they got the idea behind the lesson.  

  Rigor: Critical thinking
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Unit 1: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT make connections between the main ideas of different literature selections.

Big Idea: Bridges between books will let their minds make important connections.

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