Reflection: Real World Applications What Do You Want to Know?? Conducting Research for an Informational Report - Section 2: Independent Research Time


So..... I had another teacher ask me if I was having my students use books for their research or just the Internet and at that moment it became crystal clear the information gap in the generations.  The teacher who asked me about that is somewhat older than me and is not of the technological age of research.  My students are wholly in the technological generation and I am hopelessly caught in the middle.  The older teacher has never used the Internet to find answers, I have used both the Internet and books and my students use the Internet for everything.  What is a caught- in- the- middle teacher to do?

I figured it couldn't hurt, so I went to the library and tried to gather at least one book on each kiddo's topic.  It wasn't that hard and it satisfied my conscience that I wasn't having them use books to research their topics.  I let the students keep the books in their desks and when they had a spare minute, they could pull the books out and read them.  If they found answers to their questions, I had them note it on their research form and copy the title of the book down so we could note it at report writing time.


  Reflection: Books??
  Real World Applications: Reflection: Books??
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What Do You Want to Know?? Conducting Research for an Informational Report

Unit 20: What Do You Want to Know???? Writing an Informational Report
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Objective: SWBAT use the Internet to answer questions generated for an informational report.

Big Idea: Students must learn how to leverage technology to accomplish everyday tasks in the real world.

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English / Language Arts, research report, Writing, Writing Process, Nonfiction Literature, informational report writing, technology, internet research
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