Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Putting the End in Mind: Final Project Overview and Planning - Section 3: Group Strategy Session


My students really bit into this project today. It was awesome! They had great questions about ways to approach the research, like where to start and what to focus on. They had good ideas for beginning the note taking and researching process. One group set up a Google Doc so they could start researching and taking notes in a joint setting (W.9-10.6).

Each of the regions they are researching are rich with information and things to focus on. We advised them multiple times to do the overview research first, then discuss their findings before deciding how to focus for their final products. I'm hopeful that our research time next week will be well used and that these final projects will in fact demonstrate the culmination of a great year of learning. 

  Exciting Group Planning
  Problem-based Approaches: Exciting Group Planning
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Putting the End in Mind: Final Project Overview and Planning

Unit 18: Assessing the Standards: Final Project
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to work with a group to set rules for discussion and group work by creating a strategy and plan to complete their final project.

Big Idea: Today we will dive into the last big project of the year. Students will get a chance to strategize and think critically about concepts and topics for research.

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