Reflection: Checks for Understanding Synthesizing Our Research: Chinese History Mini-Presentations - Section 1: Reading Quiz and SSR


Students did much better with these quizzes, but are still struggling with showing the depth of understanding that I expect/hope for. I asked a few of them after class what their thoughts were on what I could do differently, and they said that they were reading, but that the words I chose were too specific and hard to provide evidence ideas for. 

All five of the words that I picked were pretty big parts of the text that they read this weekend, but I wonder if I could have chosen more obvious phrases or even used quotes instead of words to jog their writing/responses. Clearly, if you've been reading my reflections, you'll note that I am struggling to teach this book. I think I will build the rest of the week with another discussion day and maybe a little group writing/analysis and see if that helps for next week's final reading quiz. 

  Better Quiz Results: More Work Still Needed
  Checks for Understanding: Better Quiz Results: More Work Still Needed
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Synthesizing Our Research: Chinese History Mini-Presentations

Unit 17: Literary Texts: Analyzing Modern Conflict
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to research a variety of topics and present information clearly and concisely by revising their Chinese culture projects and choosing information to present out loud to their classmates.

Big Idea: To ensure that students have all the information they need on key ideas from Chinese culture, we will spend time preparing and presenting information from our research.

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