Reflection: ELL Students What Do You Want to Know: Recording Questions for an Informational Report - Section 3: Collect and Wrap Up


Once I collected the questions, I noticed that a few students didn't have very many recorded.  I pulled these students aside and gave them the choice of working during lunch/ recess to get more questions or taking their questions home for homework.

This kind of differentiation is necessary for any student who may work or think at a slower pace. ELL and IEP students may require this kind of differentiation but so may other students in a classroom who are not labeled.  In this kind of writing assignment, it's important to pay attention to the progress of those slower workers to keep everyone on pace.  You don't want some students still writing questions when their classmates are researching.  The slower pace workers will shut down on you and never complete the assignment.  

  Reflection: Slower Pace Workers
  ELL Students: Reflection: Slower Pace Workers
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What Do You Want to Know: Recording Questions for an Informational Report

Unit 20: What Do You Want to Know???? Writing an Informational Report
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT record "thick" questions that will be used to guide research for an informational report.

Big Idea: Knowing what to ask when conducting research is the key to successfully investigating a topic.

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English / Language Arts, prewriting, Writing, Writing Process, research report, Nonfiction Literature, informational report writing, research, questioning
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