Reflection: Exit Tickets Exploring and Comparing Greek and Shakesperean Dramatic Tragedies - Section 5: Wrap Up


Students analysis' varied with responses that focused just on the suicide and how any one who commits suicide has a tragic life to the tragedy of two families who hated each other so much that they drove Romeo and Juliet to their deaths.  A few students said they thought the main characters were destined to die because of the impossibility of them ever living together.  

One student shared that the play would end in a tragedy because the both families would end up battling again in the streets of Verona and would be put to death by the Prince.  

Students expressed their thoughts and that was my objective, to increase their interest in continuing their reading of the play.

  Exit Tickets: Analysis
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Exploring and Comparing Greek and Shakesperean Dramatic Tragedies

Unit 8: Romeo and Juliet
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use knowledge of mythology to understand literary allusions by comparing Greek and Modern tragedy and making a prediction.

Big Idea: Time to "zoom out" and look at Romeo and Juliet as compared to Greek tragedies.

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