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We only have a few weeks before our state testing. At this point, my students need to not only be able to do computations, but know the steps to check their work, and how to work with word problems. (The majority of the test is written in word problem format.) We have been practicing all year, but I know that many of my students still give up very easily, and guess or find the easy way out of things the majority of the time.

I always let my students know which MP we are working on, and what I'm holding them responsible for. In addition to that, I let my students know for there performance tasks with the DOK is for each question. I let them know that the "Depths of Knowledge (DOK) 3's" are harder, and it's acceptable to have some trouble with them, and need partner help. With my students, I've had to motivate them at every turn this year, unlike other years, and hold them accountable every single step of the way, and let them know that apathy is not acceptable. Therefore, they are required to have a logical answer with work shown for any lower level task, and can have questions or be unsure about their answer. From there, they can collaborate with their partner and make their own meaning from the task.

  Performance Tasks: Assessment
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Granola Bars

Unit 4: Test Prep
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT solve a real-world multiplication & division problem, & use related facts to check a solution.

Big Idea: Help put the granola bars on the display racks neatly so customers will buy them!

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