Reflection: Conferencing /ch/ as in Chesapeake - Section 4: Assessment


It is very important to conference with the student once they have done this assessment. The reason for the brief little conference is to give the student a chance to explain why they circled some items and not others. Images can be deceiving to some students who may not have the same background knowledge as the majority of the class or of yourself. A student who does not recognize what a beach is may call it a "shoreline" or the "coast" and that would explain why they did not hear the /ch/ blend as in the word beach. This does not make their assessment wrong just different. 

It is important to make the notes about your conference with the student so that when you look back at the assessment when doing report cards or a parent/teacher conference you are able to recall the conference you had with the student and can explain the results to the interested party.  

  Formative Assessment
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/ch/ as in Chesapeake

Unit 10: Maryland
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to recognize and write the blend /ch/ as part of practicing grade level phonics.

Big Idea: “Feeding” a Chesapeake Bay retriever builds recognition of the /ch/ blend.

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chesapeake bay
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