Reflection: High Quality Task Analyzing a Flashback: Gale and Katniss Meet - Section 5: Third Read: Teacher Modeling


Close reading, including the third read, is a high quality task.  That's great, but having a high quality task brings its own classroom management issues with it.

Students want to talk.

If I pause to reflect, they want to jump in.  Especially towards the beginning, I have to remind students that this is my time to talk, not theirs.  They'll get a chance to talk later, but now it's my turn.  If a student raises their hand, I just ignore it, although sometimes I tell them that I'm not going to call on them. Eventually they give up.  What's interesting is that when they then have time to talk?  They don't, which just goes to show how much routines, procedures, and guidelines are in order to develop authentic student discourse. 

  Managing a Third Read
  High Quality Task: Managing a Third Read
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Analyzing a Flashback: Gale and Katniss Meet

Unit 12: Novel Study: The Hunger Games
Lesson 10 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to how the author develops character traits and lot by close reading a flashback.

Big Idea: Betrayal and trust, solitariness and friendship. . . Katniss' traits are revealed through a flashback.

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