Reflection: Rigor Multiple Step Story Problems - Section 2: Active Engagement


If there was ever a perfect time to work on precise language and the rigor of expressing our thinking, it is during the solving of multiple step word problems, and in the act of writing them ourselves. 

As I worked with my students, I was very pleased to see that they were most likely able to solve the math.  However, it was apparent that they were still unsure how to track their thinking and communicate the steps they took in solving their problem.  Also, it was tricky for them to express WHY they chose those steps. 

Activities like these are critical to the understanding and true application of mathematical concepts. Though your students may struggle at first, I encourage you to work on the Mathematical Practice of Precision often through word problems. 

  Precise Language
  Rigor: Precise Language
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Multiple Step Story Problems

Unit 9: Place Value
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to determine a set of known and unknown information in word problems in order to accurately solve in a journal entry.

Big Idea: Multi-step word problems are always tricky at first. Learning to break them down into parts and model the known information are important to the process of becoming proficient solvers.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, addition, subtraction, word problems, division, multiplication, math journaling, model with math, multiple step thinking, math vocabulary
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multiple step story problems
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