Reflection: Real World Applications At the Farmer's Market - Section 2: Guided Practice


After watching the above video, my students were very eager to make a recipe like the girls in the video. Therefore, they were eager to participate in these authentic, real-world tasks. They just about begged me to let them make the apple nachos in the classroom. I wanted to combine healthy living with math here, and combine interdisciplinary units. The students are empowered by seeing the clip, and by the use of a familiar name in the word problem, and they recognize that they can re-invent recipes, and control what goes into their bodies too. They're also empowered to solve the strawberries problem and evaluate it, after having done a similar one with apples for the class party.

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At the Farmer's Market

Unit 4: Test Prep
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Objective: SWBAT write and explain expressions for a real-world problem, and explain an error in a solved problem.

Big Idea: Visit the farmer's market to reinvent some recipes (using equations) into tasty, nutritious snacks!

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