Reflection: Intervention and Extension Two Digit Subtraction With Rounding - Section 2: Active Engagement


Game play is one of my favorite times to assess student thinking and application. While they are busy "playing" I can ask questions about strategy, points, problems, and also extend to modify when needed.  

In the videos above, you heard students discuss several their strategies, and I am sure you were able to define several mini-lesson teaching points. 

All too often, when students are playing math games, teachers check papers or work with small groups.  While this is necessary work, games are active teaching time and often represent some of the best opportunities to help students make meaning of their thinking. I do believe a great many lessons can be taught in a short time during the games. 

  Teaching During Game Play
  Intervention and Extension: Teaching During Game Play
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Two Digit Subtraction With Rounding

Unit 9: Place Value
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to use place value and rounding knowledge to create and complete subtraction problems accurately.

Big Idea: Putting it all together is an important step that is often missed in math education. This lesson combines place value strategies, subtraction and addition strategies, as well as rounding in the form of a game. What could be better?

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Math, Place Value, Number Sense and Operations, rounding, addition, subtraction, difference, sum
  50 minutes
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