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It seems like we are constantly learning of a "new" technological fad.  When I first encounter Google Docs, I thought, "Not another site!"  However, in the ever changing world of technology this is to be expected.  Instead of having that "Good Grief" opinion, we need to evaluate the source.

Google Docs is heavenly.  Now that I've used it myself and brought it into my classroom, I"m not sure I could ever go back. The site allows me to do so many things in one location, and it is friendly with many other locations -like Edmodo.  It allows students to "login" with their Google user name and password to other sites -eliminating the need to remember so many.

In comparison to typing and working within Microsoft word on individual computers, Google docs is equally user friendly, but there are vast improvements.  I love the fact, though, that documents are typed in an MS Word-ish program on Google so my students are familiar. There is no need to reteach an new program.

The pluses go on and on,  A few keys for me? Documents are saved as you work (not more lost assignments!), students can access their work wherever they have internet access, and they can collaborate in real time!  How much more common core friendly can you get.

  Google Docs- Another Fad?
  Online Resources: Google Docs- Another Fad?
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Using Google Docs

Unit 9: Argument - Part 1
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT utilize their school Google Account to house and create information.

Big Idea: A Whole New Meaning for "Google It".

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