Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Who is the Bard? And, Why Should We Read his Play, Romeo and Juliet? - Section 2: Activator


In reflecting on all the reteaching I've done this year because of the needs of my students, I've come to the conclusion that reteaching is the key to student learning, not teaching.

When I reteach I first create an assessment of student’s learning needs and then come up with a different strategy or strategies to help my learners to be retain the knowledge in hopefully a meaningful way. In this activator my KWL acts as a pretest in which I then analyze the results becoming aware of their background knowledge therefore knowing the areas of Shakespeare’s life that I needed to spend additional time reviewing. In doing this I try not teach what the students already know. 

  Reteaching is the Key to Learning
  Diverse Entry Points: Reteaching is the Key to Learning
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Who is the Bard? And, Why Should We Read his Play, Romeo and Juliet?

Unit 8: Romeo and Juliet
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of background information for Shakespeare through using a powerpoint presentation and by answering comprehension questions. SWBAT cite specific evidence by reviewing drama terms, and closely reading the Prologue and other short passages from (Act 1, Scene 1 Romeo and Juliet) and demonstrate understanding by writing evidence based answers.

Big Idea: How to start the process of bringing "No Fear" to Shakespeare.

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