Reflection: Subtracting Large Numbers within a Context - Section 3: Concept development


As seen in my reflection video, this lesson was smooth and went very well. The students did very well working with their partners.  Students were on task and working very well together.  My favorite moment was when these two girls were talking back and forth about who was right. They were having a very interesting discussion about regrouping and ungrouping to subtract. I caught the tail end of their discussion to listen to. This exchange between the two students is an EXCELLENT example of Math Practice Standard 3 and responding to the arguments of others. I love how the student on the right is talking about the math behind the problem and explaining why and where the other student has made an error. The student doing the explaining is also using math vocabulary and she is naming the places the digits are in which adds to the understanding of the student that made the error. I also love how the student explaining says "we" and "we're."  I feel like this is a student who really sees her partner as a teammate.  Many students would say things like, "you need to do this,"  or, "no you're wrong."  I believe this simple tweak in how the girl explains her thinking by using "we" is of GREAT benefit to her and her partner.  Even though she is correct, the words that she has chosen put her and her partner on the same level.  There is no underlying message that one is correct and one is wrong, or that one is smart and the other is not. 

I'm so glad I had students work in partners today.  It's moments like the one above when I can see how valuable working together really is. 

  Partner Work a Success
  Partner Work a Success
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Subtracting Large Numbers within a Context

Unit 3: Place Value
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to use place value understanding to decompose numbers to subtract and solve word problems.

Big Idea: Students will solve subtraction problems within a context using a tape diagram.

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