Reflection: Rigor Turning An Outline Into A Rough Draft - Section 2: Direct Instruction: Review Of Drafting Powerpoint


I was rather surprised at how challenging this step in the research process was for my students. I thought it would be incredibly easy for them to turn an outline into a rough draft. They were telling me differently, so I had to listen to them in order to help them during this process.

I realized it wasn't so much this specific step being challenging, but the lack of confidence they had. Turning notes into sentences is easy; just a add a verb and a subject. It's turning a few page outline into a 6 page paper that can be daunting. This lesson isn't really about showing them how to turn notes into sentences into paragraphs, although they do learn that. This lesson is really about giving them the confidence to do something like this. It's really just saying here is what you can do, now do it.

This is really the last step before their rough draft is done so a lot of the work has lead up to this and there is no turning back. They need the confidence to be able to grab the research paper by the horns and begin writing.

  Outline To Draft Can Be Challenging
  Rigor: Outline To Draft Can Be Challenging
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Turning An Outline Into A Rough Draft

Unit 6: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part II
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT learn how to turn their outline into a rough draft.

Big Idea: From notes, to sentences, to paragraphs and we're almost at the finish line! Well, we're getting there.

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