Reflection: Lesson Planning Oreo Argument -Part 3 -Analyzing to Improve - Section 3: Wrap Up Writing Task


There are a million resources out there competing for the attention of teachers.  In this lesson I use one that deserves attention, however, proceed with caution.

The site Pro/ is outstanding for providing two sides to a debate/argument.  The site includes loads of information, videos, a "how to cite this source page, and a "read aloud" feature that will read the page to your students (Great for lower level readers).

When I use the site, I have learned the hard way to filter the information.  There are a few questionable topics that not all students can handle and some parents will not approve of.  So, to remedy this -of course always check the page (including advertisements) before sharing it, print the specific pages you need and copy them or save the page and share it as a PDF through another sharing site -(The down side to this and printing is the loss of the read aloud features and student access to videos).

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Oreo Argument -Part 3 -Analyzing to Improve

Unit 9: Argument - Part 1
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze an argument and create an outline to improve it.

Big Idea: Can You Hear Me Now?

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