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Days like today are my very favorite days in the classroom, and I am thrilled to have one so early in the school year.  I find that September, and even October is a very tiring time, mostly because I find myself talking, talking, instructing, correcting, get the picture.  My ideal classroom environment is that of a workshop, but it's harder than most "outsiders" imagine.

This class was a delight, because the kids were prepared (they wrote drafts in their journals and were not trying to compose on the computer "cold"), they had a lot of ownership over the product yet they had a clear understanding of the end product and what it should look like (after all, who hasn't seen a newspaper?) and I could spend my time walking around, troubleshooting, questioning and supporting.  On days like today, I get to talk to almost every child, one-on-one, and I think that is very powerful and important for student buy in and comfort in the classroom.

So, was it a flawless, perfect day with no one rocking back on their chairs and no alpha-female sniping or "I'm done" from the kid who barely wrote a paragraph?  Of course not.  this is still eighth grade.  But it was a really good day, nonetheless.



  I (heart) WD (work days!)
  High Expectations: I (heart) WD (work days!)
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Tangerine Times, Pt II: Producing the Paper

Unit 10: Tangerine, by Edward Bloor
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use technology and creativity to produce a newspaper based on events in the novel, Tangerine.

Big Idea: The publication stage of the writing process provides opportunities to promote real world skills.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, symbolism (Literary Terms), editing, newspaper, teamwork, writing for an audience, novel, story elements, character development
  40 minutes
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