Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Problem Based Investigation (Day 2 of 2): Group Research and Reasoning - Section 2: Group Research and Product Creation Time


You'll notice I only included a few pictures from one groups' project. That was because I was nervous that including others would get me in copyright trouble as so many students included information that wasn't in their own words on this project. 


I've decided not to enter these projects for a grade. If I did, then over half of my class will receive a zero. Instead, I've decided to use this as a learning experience for me and for my students. 

I will ask them to reconsider their information and have them present a limited amount of information to the whole class on Monday. I will remind them about how important it is to avoid plagiarism, which can sometimes be hard to do when writing about informational topics such as history. I will compliment them on their fabulous works cited pages, but tell them that citing a source is only HALF of the process needed to be within the boundaries of good research and writing. 

As for lessons learned on my part, I think it was probably too little time to research AND complete their products. I think I would expand this project into two days and have them do their research in one period, then use the second period to talk about informative/explanatory writing and how to make sure that their style and purpose match without crossing copyright boundaries. Thankfully, I did this pre-assessment like activity before assigning their final project, which I will have to grade. Hopefully, students will be able to modify their strategies so they can complete their final projects more artfully than they did these. Additionally, I will be adding a little more time into my schedule to make sure that they have enough opportunity to research and then synthesize what they learn into their own thinking/writing.

  How to Avoid Plagarism
  Problem-based Approaches: How to Avoid Plagarism
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Problem Based Investigation (Day 2 of 2): Group Research and Reasoning

Unit 17: Literary Texts: Analyzing Modern Conflict
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to conduct short research projects by researching Chinese terms and ideas that connect to To Live.

Big Idea: Spending time in the library to see what research students are capable of accomplishing in a 52 minutes.

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