Reflection: Checks for Understanding James Forten: Multimedia in a Text - Say What? - Section 2: Teaching Strategy


After I model my thinking, I ask scholars how they feel doing the skill independently.  Scholars can give a thumb up ("I feel super confident"), a thumb to the side ("I feel a little hesitant to do this on my own"), or a thumbs down ("I am completely lost.  I need help immediately!).  This helps me and my ELL co-teacher to target groups and individuals with whom we need to conference before and during guided practice.  Scholars are usually very honest in their self-reflection because they want to do well on the weekly checklist work.  They know that they are responsible for completing the work and that I will grade it, therefore, they want to do well during the independent practice portion.  

  Check how students feel before moving on!
  Checks for Understanding: Check How Students Feel Before Moving On!
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James Forten: Multimedia in a Text - Say What?

Unit 12: Voices of the Revolution - Part II
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify multimedia elements in a text and explain how they contribute to the meaning, tone and beauty of the text.

Big Idea: Multimedia doesn't just mean video and music!

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