Reflection: Real World Applications Finding Where Citation Is Needed - Section 2: Direct Instruction and Class Discussion: What needs to be cited


This is such a valuable skills for students to master that it needs to be addressed. Although parts of this research paper are independent, it's important that students understand what needs to be addressed and why. Some students may complain that doing this is so much work, but really what don't middle-schoolers complain about?

Part of the discussion to have with this lesson is why you are teaching it and why students will need to learn this for the future. They don't quite understand, that from this point on, much of the writing they will be doing will be research based. Since the Common Core places an emphasis on research, it's important for students to understand how and why to cite their sources.

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Finding Where Citation Is Needed

Unit 7: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part III
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Objective: SWBAT determine where and when to cite research of others in their own writing of research papers.

Big Idea: Is it common knowledge or the idea of someone else? Finding places in our outline where citing is needed.

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