Reflection: Complex Tasks Close Reading with Text Analysis - Section 2: Independent Practice


I must have said "STRUGGLE THROUGH IT" a thousand times today! The students wanted to give up right away.  The questions were tough and really required them to go back into the text and dig for answers.  They struggle with how to use the text to draw conclusions. 

Although the task is difficult it is necessary!  They have to learn how to tear through complex text and complete a complex task. 

One suggestion I would have for teachers is to really break apart the questions.  Answer multiple questions in one answer was very difficult and a new concept.



  Struggle Through It
  Complex Tasks: Struggle Through It
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Close Reading with Text Analysis

Unit 9: BootCamp
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use the close reading strategies to analyze a complex text.

Big Idea: Students' skills are pushed to the limit when they are asked to work with a complex text.

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