Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Evaluating Juliet's Personality Shift and its Effect on Friar Lawrence's Plan in Act 4, Scene 1 - Section 4: The Plan


I have to admit, I hard time answering some of their questions today. Many of my students think this plan is just ridiculous, that there has to be some other plan. They asked: why can't she just run away with Romeo? Why can't she take someone with her when she runs away? Why doesn't the Friar escort her out of town? Why doesn't she just marry Paris and then figure out how to run away with Romeo later?


All are logical questions. Each may have an answer, which I tried to explain, but the questions are worthwhile nonetheless. I was glad that they were thinking analytically on a Friday afternoon of a early release.. even if some of the questions were hard to explain. I know that I didn't convince some students that Friar Lawrence and Juliet's options are incredibly limited, but I think I at least convinced them that the two feel that their options are limited.

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Evaluating Juliet's Personality Shift and its Effect on Friar Lawrence's Plan in Act 4, Scene 1

Unit 17: Romeo and Juliet Act 4: Reading, Performing, and Writing
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text and influence other characters by using textual evidence to identify how Juliet's personality changes and evalating how Juliet's actions impact Friar Lawerence's plan.

Big Idea: Has Juliet matured? Or is she blinded by love?

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