Reflection: Accountability A Fractured Fairy Tale Prep - Section 3: Completing a Fractured Fairy Tale Worksheet


This lesson is an important step of preparation as my scholars prepare to write fractured fairy tales.  This lesson allows them to "work out the kinks" so to speak as they develop story lines that vary from traditional fairy tales.  The lesson was a bit challenging for some students because they tried to just retell the same story as the original fairy tale.  I had to continuously show some of my students the Fractured Fairy Tale Powerpoint to emphasize to them examples of things they could change relative to their fairy tale stories.

  Preparation is Key
  Accountability: Preparation is Key
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A Fractured Fairy Tale Prep

Unit 5: A Different Perspective
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create the plot for a fractured fairy tale.

Big Idea: Students will create the plot for a fractured fairy tale.

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