Reflection: Accountability A Fractured Fairy Tale - Section 4: Closure


My scholars really enjoyed putting their stamp of creativity relative to story telling and art on projects for this lesson.  Allowing students to work collaboratively in pairs helped them to be held accountable to one another.  The use on computer technology made the lesson more engaging and helped them practice their typing skills.  Reading their fractured fairy tales also helped them to hone their speaking and listening skills.

  A Stamp of Creativity
  Accountability: A Stamp of Creativity
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A Fractured Fairy Tale

Unit 5: A Different Perspective
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create an online fractured fairy tale.

Big Idea: Students will create an online fractured fairy tale.

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English / Language Arts, fairy tale (Literature), Comprehension: Listening and Viewing, Comprehension (Reading), online fractured fairy tale, technology, Read Write Think, debate
  60 minutes
fairy tale
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