Reflection: Flexibility Stand and Defend: A Warm-up for Socratic Seminar - Section 2: Active Engagment


The "stand and defend" part of this lesson was actually made up as I was in the middle of my lesson. It may have been the Seattle rain or tired out 13 year olds but when I taught this lesson I originally had them defending their claims in partners. I noticed that they were not motivated to do thier best, so I changed my plan to get them out of their seat.

Did it go perfectly? Of course not, I teach 13 year olds. It did however, get them out of their seat and helped them practice for seminar the next day.

  Preparing for talk
  Flexibility: Preparing for talk
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Stand and Defend: A Warm-up for Socratic Seminar

Unit 12: Literary Essay Part Two; reading two more stories in order to craft comparative essays
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT will prepare for Socratic Seminar by participating in a “Stand and Defend Activity.”

Big Idea: Stand and Defend!

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