Reflection: Rigor Finding Fugui: Establishing a Basic Understanding of To Live - Section 2: Character Mapping Activity


As I watched my students work today, I realized that they are reading and understanding the plot of the story, but are struggling to do any kind of interpretation of how the plot works as one part of the author's techniques. This was discouraging, to say the least, as this is our last book of the year and I have seen them make that reach with earlier texts. On one hand, they are demonstrating higher level thinking by making cross-curricular connections with the history. On the other hand, I need them to still demonstrate higher level interpretation of the book.

It does answer my question from yesterday about why they are struggling with the quiz questions that I asked yesterday, which ask them to make some inferences or interpretations of how plot, character and theme work together. But I'm not sure how to move forward to make sure that they are getting more than just the plot of the book. 

I always try to maintain a level of rigor throughout each unit and try to build towards more sophisticated thinking and productivity. I think we will get there at the end of this unit, but I will need to be mindful about pushing students to work to the level I am expecting them to work. Part of that will require more modeling on my part. Part of it will be strategically grouping students and planning lessons that require them to move past plot-level understanding. 


  Plot Level Understanding vs. Thematic Understanding of Text
  Rigor: Plot Level Understanding vs. Thematic Understanding of Text
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Finding Fugui: Establishing a Basic Understanding of To Live

Unit 17: Literary Texts: Analyzing Modern Conflict
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT determine a central idea of To Live and analyze how it is used to develop character and theme by creating visualizations of key characters, themes, setting and plot.

Big Idea: Taking a step back to the basic analytical tools for literature and spending a day analyzing how characters, setting and plot work together to develop themes in To Live.

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