Reflection: Student Ownership Cramers Rule - Solving Systems of Equations - Section 1: Warm-Up


To me, matrices offer the easiest and most efficient way to solve today's warmup problem. However, I am a proponent of allowing a student to choose the approach that is most comfortable to him/her. If a student feels that they can be more precise or more efficient an algebraic method, such as linear substitution, I allow them to do that. It is important that students make reasoned choices about the tools that work best form them, and, apply them well (MP2, MP5). 


  Student Ownership: Allowing Students to Choose Procedures
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Cramers Rule - Solving Systems of Equations

Unit 10: Matrices
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT efficiently solve systems of equations using determinants of matrices.

Big Idea: Students find their love (if they didn’t find it yesterday) for matrices when they learn how much easier solving systems of equations can be.

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Math, Precalculus and Calculus, Cramer's rule, matrix, determinant, systems of equations, 12th Grade
  50 minutes
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