Reflection: Real World Applications Should Justin Bieber Be Deported? - Section 2: Guided Practice


I knew that this lesson would lead to a lot of passionate students.  Justin Bieber is either hated or loved and students are eager to pick a side. 

This was a great lesson and had a lot of real world connections-being able to argue a topic and debate an issue is an essential skill.  During the activity, I had to really encourage the students to stay focused on the evidence and not speak from opinion or emotions.  This was incredibly difficult for them to do.  They continued to revert back to arguing without evidence.  I had to stop multiple times and point out how their arguments were not valid. 

Although a little stressful, this lesson was really fun to teach.  I felt that the students really saw the value in developing a strong argument. 


  Debating a Hot topic
  Real World Applications: Debating a Hot topic
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Should Justin Bieber Be Deported?

Unit 8: Unit 6 Getting to Know Argumentative Writing
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify the claims and evidence of an argument.

Big Idea: Students take a side on a very HOT topic. Should American kick the Bieb out of the country? Or, does he deserve a second chance?

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