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Valuable lesson!  I hadn't done this before, and really liked the results.   I made sure to pass back the posttests first.  They had taken them a day or two earlier, and were not surprised to see such nice writing.  I then shared their pretests, and that was fun!  They couldn't wait to get them back as they heard classmates moan or laugh at how different their August writing was.

Once it came time to actually analyze and compare their two tests, it was an easy sell.  I didn't even have to explain the Venn Diagram in which they had to compare their two tests, not the topic of the test.  They were pleasantly surprised, and it was a valuable thing to do with testing data.

  Looking at Growth
  Student Self-Assessment: Looking at Growth
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Writing Growth: From Pre to Post

Unit 15: We're Always Writing Something!
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: TSWBAT compare their benchmark writing tests after a school year of growth, and analyze the differences.

Big Idea: See how much you've grown!

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looking back at the august pre test and
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