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Some of the students wanted to debate whether or not certain strategies were relevant for problem solving. For instance, one student used repeated addition to solve their problem. 


Beth bought 56 gift cards for her friends. If one card cost $1.25, how much did Beth pay for 56 gift cards?

One student argued it would take entirely too long to solve this problem using repeated addition. She explained, that multiplying the cost of one card times the amount that Beth bought would be easier to solve. She set her problem up on the board and explained how she could solve this problem using multiplication quicker and result in the same answer without adding 1.25  fifty-six times.

1.25 x 56 =


Students were really proving how they solved their problem more than anything else. They gained more understanding from debating their methods. 

  Debate: What I noticed!
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What is your next move?

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Objective: SWBAT solve multiplication problem using different strategies.

Big Idea: Students love making that big score at the end of the game., In this lesson students will explore different strategies to understand how to solve multiplication word problems.

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